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Grass Pavers

Grass Pavers are what are known as a type of permeable paver. For they allow water to escape through the grids and soak back into the soil, rather than being turned into storm water runoff and polluting our waterways. This means that installing Grass pavers can cut the costs involved with drainage systems, pipes, gutters and culverts. Grass pavers involve the use of a plastic grid-like system, similar to a honeycomb, commonly made using 100% recycled plastic. The plastic grid is laid, and then vegetation is planted in each of the grid holes. The plastic grid is strong enough for heavy vehicles and all types of weather conditions. The grids can hold water, after a storm, and gradually the water will absorb into the soil. Grass paving systems are often used for parking lots and recreational fields.

Grass Pavers offer simple replies to the difficult problems related with supplying purposeful areas, while sustaining green space and dealing with tempest water management acquiescence. The absorbency of the pavers removes the necessity for retaining ponds, drainage schemes and other exclusive means of dealing with runoff continuously related with solid paving. Their main use is to add a green look to a pavement area of a particular area. This adds to the beauty and gives a soothing and calming effect to the onlookers. These are also available in varied dimensions to meet the variegated demands of our clients. We also offer these at industry leading prices and also with customized specifications Flexible connecting grids ensuring modules conform to uneven surfaces Modules that allow rapid installation with minimal operator training and tools.

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