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Cobble Stone

Cobblestones can be either machine or hand cut and are available in Granite, Basalt and Travertine. Our unique range comes in various finishes, including Natural, Split, Exfoliated or Tumbled depending on the selection. Cobblestone applications include driveways, pool surrounds and any heavily trafficked area. Buy Cobblestone tiles and pavers from Sydney Tile Gallery by visiting our showroom or via email and telephone.Cobblestone Pavers will enrich your space with its traditional yet contemporary features. The durability of our Pavers make them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial use, in a wide range of patterns and finishes.

Stone Wall Cladding is a great way to add character to a wall. With our select collection, Sydney Tile Gallery is continually sourcing designer stone features including free form, wall panels, drywall and random ashlar cladding to suit all surfaces. Our range comes in various shapes, sizes and detail to add a creative edge to your project. At Sydney Tile Gallery, our unique range can be used both internally and externally, creating a natural and earthy finish to your space. Our Wall Cladding is durable and very low maintenance, making it an ideal choice for feature walls, fire places and any outdoor application. We import our range direct from the manufacturer and our range is always readily available, making it easier for you to buy without any delay. Cobblestone Pavers require very minimal upkeep and will give your outdoor space character and charm.Our range of Cobblestone comes in various stones, colours and patterns to suit any style of home.

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